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GeoPark Carnic Alps – home of the oldest saurians in Austria

Following the successful search for saurian tracks in 2013 three representatives of the earliest ter-restrail vertebrates and tetrapods were discovered in the Geopark. They belong to therapsids, or "mammal-like reptiles“ which gave rise to the true dinosaurs.

They truly belong to the oldest and first traces of saurians and terrestrail vertebrates in Austria.

In fact, one of the findings has been proven as the only one in the whole Alps.

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The petrified forest of Laas – the only one in Austria

Part of the trunk

Petrified forests are worldwide wonders. The Geopark Carnic Alps at the village of Laas belongs to one of these monuments

During the project phase of the Geopark Carnic Alps in 2012/2013 these occurrences were made ac-cessible  and party excavated for the public.

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Calcite cristals from the Carnic Alps, embedded in transported wood of the Gail river
fern frond from the Carnic Alps covers the front page of a booklet about the UNESCO Geoparks
The magic Bodensee near the village of Tröpolach
The recovery of a unique fossil-bearing rock from the Mauthen Gorge
Search for slag bricks at Laas
A turquoise slag brick
Humid vegetation today
Humid vegetation some 300 million years ago
The highlight of the collectors day – a frond from the Carboniferous Period
Recovery of the erratic, glacially transported ammonoid-bearing rock from Laas