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The newly established GeoPark which covers an area of approx. 830 km3 is located in southern Austria at the border to Italy. It includes the Carnic and Gailtal Alps with altitudes up to 2.800 m, divided by the Gail Valley.

in the Garnitzen Gorge

Since the beginning of the 19th century the Carnic Alps have attracted Earth scientists from all over the world. In fact, there is no other area in the Alps in which such a rich fossil heri-tage has been preserved. These treasures comprise not only rock sequences with fossil re-mains of living organisms and plants of the past but also numerous natural monuments, e.g., hundreds meter high limestone cliffs, secret caves, dark gorges, thunderous waterfalls or silent mountain lakes.
The GeoPark is based on some 80 accessible Geotopes and 5 Geotrails in the field and the Visitor and Information Centre in the village of Dellach/Gail.


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Movie GeoPark Carnic Alps

As an example for numerous other shots a contribution in the TV magazine „Land und Leute“ of July 2012 is shown on YouTube.

The Hiking Program of the GeoPark Carnic Alps

The geological walking tours not only focus on the fascinating geological monuments but also on the Geopark‘s 500 million years of Earth history.

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The School Program of the GeoPark Carnic Alps

Although the so-called abiotic nature (geology and soils) represents one of the basic re-quirements of our life, many informations and facts are still being missing and have either be discovered or explored in the future.

For the first time in Carinthia a program about the abiotic nature has been developed which is solely intended for schools. It ranges from workshops in the Visitor Centre to guided tours in the Geopark.

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Rocks are prettified
The primary school of Gundersheim exercising research
Who discovers most fossils?
Primary school from the village of Fürnitz at the Geopark Visitor Centre
Information panels at Naßfeld area in the Geopark
Petrified tree trunk from Laas
Lake Wolayer
Showcase in the Visitor Centre
Imprint of a crinoid ossicle